Think Gmail labels, but for Slack.

Rewind understands your daily Slack struggle and helps you organize and find messages faster.

Save any Slack message to read later

The next time you want to get back to something later or come back to an idea a coworker sent, click 'Save this message' from Slack's three dot overflow menu.

If you don't see it upfront, you can find it in 'More message shortcuts'.

Organize saved messages with tags

You can type in as many tags as you would like when you save a message. Here are some ideas for tags:


Find messages you saved earlier within Slack

To find messages you saved earlier, just click the Rewind tab in Slack's sidebar. The screenshot on the left can help you locate it.

Filter your saved messages

On Rewind's Home within Slack, you can see your recently tagged messages, and filter by any tag you've saved.

If you still need help, write to us.

Coming soon

Rewind is soon bringing a way for you to associate tags with colors and set reminders. Maybe even integrations with your favourite todo apps.

Got an idea? Tell us
Tag colors to identify messages (just like how you would use colorful stickies)
Granular reminders for saved messages (great for #todos)
React with emojis to save messages
Integrations with todo and productivity apps
And more